Making Sense of a Scorpio

scorpio-zodiac-symbol_318-63003Oct 22 to Nov 22

Scorpio is often considered to be the most complicated sign of the zodiac. They’re mysterious and intriguing yet have an almost hypnotic and authentic charm to them.

They’re very intuitive by nature and have a hunger to dig deep and find out the truth. They notice and observe everything, which enables them to look through the façade and easily call out lies. They love to engage in deep conversations about life and death and are primal beings who feel emotions of joy, love, anger and fear very intensely because of which they can have a deadly temper.

The secret of a Scorpio is that they’re fearful of being hurt and hide their vulnerability and fragile souls behind a tough and calm exterior. They don’t trust easily but when they do, they expect you to respect it and value their relationship with you. You will not be spared the wrath or sting of a Scorpio if you hurt them and even if they say they forgive you, they will always hold a grudge against you for hurting them. sco

A Scorpio longs for a meaningful, unbreakable relationship with a partner they can share everything with. If a Scorpio truly opens up to you, they remain loyal and love passionately. Subconsciously, however, they like to be in control and can be obsessive and possessive about their partners.

They’re extremely focused and determined beings and when they set their eyes on something, they go all out to pursue it. They have a sharp mind, are headstrong and need their space to grow. 

Scorpions are fighters but what they need to learn is when to let go of something and when to stop focusing on the minute, irrelevant details. If they try to understand the emotions and pain behind a certain action of a person, they may be able to forgive them and heal completely. They should try to soar high like an eagle and always keep the bigger picture in mind. If you’re a Scorpio reading this, I encourage you to believe in yourself and not be afraid of expressing your inner feelings freely, for this commercial and superficial world needs your deep thoughts on life, now more than ever!


Famous Scorpios – Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Shah Rukh Khan, Julia Roberts

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