Making sense of a Libra


Sept 23 – Oct 22

Born a Libra, you’re a people person that yearns to love and be loved. You take relationships very seriously and usually have one or two people that you’re close to and share your inner feelings with. As a Libran, you love to socialize, mingle with people and build a rapport with them.

Justice and fairness are important to you and you appreciate harmony in the world. One of your weaknesses, however, is that you take your own sweet time with decisions and border on being indecisive. The scales in your sign represent balance and your tendency to weigh all the pros and cons of a situation. You have an innate ability to look at things from every angle and then arrive at a decision. This helps to make you an excellent strategist and mediator amongst friends, as you understand both sides of the story.

You use the same analytical ability inward and are aware of your own flaws. If you’re trying to impress a Libran, incorporate spontaneity in your behavior and make sure you genuinely compliment them as they’re very critical of themselves and need to be reminded of their good qualities.

When sad, Librans become quite moody and self-doubting. At that point, they should be compassionate with themselves and express their true feelings clearly. A lot of people are often confused about a Libran’s stand as they hesitate to communicate their honest thoughts with the world and hate conflict and confrontation. Librans also avoid taking sides. Although they’re known to take the middle ground, they genuinely care for their friends and are kind-hearted.

A Libran thrives when he/she can maintain a certain balance in life. They are humorous and creative, with a good eye for beauty. They’re often obsessed with aesthetics and their hair.

Born to love, Librans should never feel discouraged by people who don’t value the good in them. They need to remind themselves to be authentic rather than accommodating and use their analytical bent of mind in a positive way. It is said that Librans have the power to maneuver and manipulate people into cooperation and even stop wars without physically fighting them! More power to you Libra!libra-36393_960_720

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