Making sense of a Virgo


Virgo, the Virgin.

Aug 23 – Sept 22

It’s not what you’re thinking! ‘The Virgin’ here, simply means a pure and free spirit that refuses to be chained down to beliefs other than their own. Virgos love to express themselves fearlessly and if you have a Virgo friend, you can be rest assured to have an entertaining relationship with them as they sure know how to have fun and have all the gossip in town.

They’re always in the know of their surroundings and even if their room is full of clutter, they’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where their favourite yellow dress is. Yes, that’s how much attention they pay to details. They like to scan everything for mistakes and errors and love to be as organized as possible.

They’re highly analytical and judgmental. However, when this critical nature of theirs extends into their relationships, it can bring them great despair. This is because they will never be fully satisfied and expect their partner to do things according to what their definition of perfection is. If things don’t go as per plan, it frustrates them and makes them adopt a very pessimistic approach to life. The only plus point about being practical and logical about everything is that they always remain grounded and seldom daydream.

Virgos are beautiful people and they take pride in how they look. They’re both hygiene and health freaks and will be disgusted with you if you don’t stay clean yourself. They try to have a routine for their exercise and diet. Once they overcome their nerves and anxiety, they can be quite courageous and confident. They’re hard-working and helpful people that like to be of service, to employers or the society in general.

If you want to be in the good books of a Virgo, be punctual and courteous under all circumstances. Display your best mannerism, as a Virgo is always observing you. You also need to be very tactful in how you tell them about their flaws or weaknesses, as they don’t appreciate criticism, even if it comes from a good place.

Overall, Virgos are highly analytical with a great eye for detail. If they learn to trust without a proof and don’t get bogged down in the details, they can prevent themselves from losing sight of the bigger picture and conquer the world!



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