Your Life, Your Story.

The recent passing away of a loved one made me contemplate the true meaning of life. There are so many things about the mysterious journey of life that we fail to understand. It made me realize how mechanical the human body is and how helpless we are in front of God.

However, it also made me conscious of the fact that we just have one shot at life and should make it the best one while we can. It is our chance, our opportunity to tell our story in the best way we can and make it count. Leave our legacy in the best possible way. There are so many souls that were deprived of this chance but we still have the privilege of steering our life, our story in the direction that we want. So, let’s not drift along but be grateful for this chance at life and carve out our own path!

As rightly said by Stephen Covey, we should focus our energy on the things that fall in the circle of influence and not focus our efforts in the circle of concern – things over which we have little or no control like the weather, economy and the ultimate destiny that is in the hands of the Almighty.

So what can we do? We can reflect this gratitude in our attitude, in our work and by focusing on our health. Since our life is our story, we can give it the ending that we want. Don’t like a particular situation or how your relationship with someone is? Take the initiative, be proactive and change it.

I once read that you don’t know the title of each chapter in your life until you reach its end. You have the power to try to make it the end that you want it to be. So, take a leap of faith and give it your best because you know not what the present situation is trying to teach you for the long run. Our greatest power is to have a vision for our life and slowly but surely build each part of our story towards it.



Make it Count!

Do let me know your thoughts on this post and what you’re doing to make your life’s story the best one out there!!

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